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Fluid Film Liquid AR, 1 Liter

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FLUID FILM Liquid AR, 1 Liter


FLUID FILM Liquid AR is an oily amber transparent liquid. It is a lanolin-based coating, solvent free, non-toxic and will not evaporate. Fluid Film Liquid AR is mainly used in water ballast tanks, void spaces, cofferdams and similar stress areas, where cost-related requirements of a pure surface condition can not be provided by sandblasting.
FLUID FILM Liquid AR can be applied by spraying, brush or roller on dry or damp, bare or rusty surfaces, to protect against salt water and all weathering conditions.
FLUID FILM Liquid AR can be used as a rust remover, and as an anti-corrosion agent. For economic reasons, however, we recommend that loose contamination such as rust and old coating are removed by high-pressure washing.
Prior to coating the mud should be removed from the tank bottom. The surface may be damp, but must be free of surface water. The effectiveness of any protection system depends, among other things, on its thickness and must be chosen according to the given stress and the service life of the respective object.
For ballast water tanks we recommend a target thickness of about 500 µm, due to the porous and rough texture of old tanks, large parts of the coating saturates the existing rust.

  • Easy to use!
  • Between 200-800 microns can be applied by an airless sprayer with just one pass
  • Application is further possible with standard airless (about 22:1 compacting) spraying, by brush, roller or compressed air spraying
  • Simplified processing method when splashing through lances, making a scaffold unneccessary in most cases.
  • 1- component - product with excellent adhesion - even on damp surfaces and old coatings.
  • Excellent penetrating of thick layers of rust - thus blasting operations can be omitted!
  • If FLUID FILM Liquid AR was used as a rust remover, regular repair works or renovations can only be applied after removing all loose dirt.
  • FLUID FILM liquid AR can be used for corrosion protection of steel parts and other metal parts during transportation, storage and processing in many kinds of manufacturing operations.
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