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PFT D 6-3 Twister Rotor-Stator Bundle

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Item number:  1988929
H-Artikelnummer:  PFT D 6-3
Versandkategorie:  50
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PFT D6-3 Twister Rotor-Stator Bundle


PFT Rotor D6-3 (00237908)
Stator D 6-3 Twister with Pin (00007899)


Original Rotor / Stator by PFT for Mixing and Pumping Unit

The PFT D6-3 Twister Rotor-Stator Bundle is a crucial component of the PFT D6-3 Twister Plastering Machine. It is a combination of Rotor and Stator specifically designed for this machine, playing a key role in performance delivery.

  • Mixing Plaster:
    The Rotor-Stator Bundle is designed to effectively mix plaster. The rotor is the rotating part to thoroughly blend the plaster. The stator forms the stationary part, allowing the execution of this mixing operation in a controlled space.
  • Pumping Plaster:
    The bundle also plays a role in pumping the mixed plaster to the application unit of the PFT D6-3 Twister. The rotor contributes to moving the plaster through the mixing chamber and directing it toward the discharge point.
  • Achieving Uniform Consistency:
    Using the Rotor-Stator Bundle ensures that the plaster attains a uniform consistency. This is critical to ensure that the applied plaster creates a smooth and even surface.
  • Optimizing Performance:
    The PFT D6-3 Twister Rotor-Stator Bundle contributes to maximizing the performance and efficiency of the plastering machine. It enables fast and precise mixing and application of plaster materials, increasing workspeed and enhancing the quality of surface coating.

The Rotor-Stator Bundle plays a central role in the preparation and application of plaster materials in the construction industry. It contributes to achieving high-quality results in less time, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of construction companies and craftsmen.



  • Gypsum/Gypsum-Lime Plaster
  • Lightweight Plaster
  • Lime-Cement Plaster < 3 mm
  • Adhesive Mortar
  • Reinforcement Mortar
  • Frame Filling Mortar
  • Mineral Finish Coat
  • Pasty Finish Coat
  • Dry Clay Plaster
  • Fire Protection Mortar
  • Concrete Repair Mortar

Technical Features:

  • For Machine Type: G 4, RITMO XL, SWING L
  • Rotation Direction: Clockwise
  • Identification Color: Orange
  • Operating Pressure: 30 bar
  • Stator - Length / Ø: 273 mm / 90 mm
  • Maximum Grain Size: 3 mm
  • Performance at 400/200 RPM: 20 | 10 l/min
  • Connection Type: D
  • Rubber Hardness: Hard
  • Conveying Distance:
    • up to 30 m at DN25 (G 4)
    • up to 50 m at DN35 (G 4)
    • up to 30 m with Plaster (RITMO XL)
    • up to 50 m with Spatula Compounds (RITMO XL)
    • up to 30 m at DN35 (SWING L)
  • EAN: 4003976115453
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: PFT D 6-3
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