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Brantho Korrux "3 in 1" 0,75 l Rust Prevention

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Item number:  2769957
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Brantho-Korrux "3 in 1" in 0,75 L Can

Rust Prevention - Metal Protection- Maintenance Paint


  • semi-gloss coating, in over 40 RAL colours directly available
  • reduced labour cost due to superior hiding power
  • reduced material consumption due to high solids
  • long lifetime expectancy due to excellent corrosion resistance
  • fewer official conditions due to optimal environmental acceptance

Areas of application:

  • Protection against corrision of constructions, machines and transport vehicles made of iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and other non-ferric materials, hard plastics etc. in rural, urban, industrial and maritime areas.
  • As a protective coating for new construction or maintenance, both primer and topcoar, as a primer for 1-component finishes and most 2-component finishes. Ideal fpr constructions built from several types of materials.
  • For winter road clearence equipemt, sea containers, high-tension towers, lorry xhassis's, building equipment, bridges, cranes, vessels, boats, cladding (both coated or bare), railway stations, platform structures, fences, gates, producting halls, pipelines, storage tanks, gutters, cooling equipemt and many other objects. Approved as primer cpat, intermediate coat and top coat for steel-constructions and -equipments.

Coverage pays:

  • Theoretically 1 litre is sufficient for 17.3 m² at a dry film thickness of 30 μm. Practically we recommend a higher d.f.t. for optimal corrosion
    resistance. 1 litre then will cover ca. 6 m².
  • Suitable for brush, roller and spray application

Expected duration of protection (DIN EN ISO 12944-6):

  • The longest duration of protection (over 15 years) will be achieved with three coats (each 80 m).
  • At moderate corrosion stress two coats will be sufficient for a period of protection to the above standard for 15 years.

For more information check out our downloads.

Other Brantho-Korrux-coating offers:

  • APS: Branth's Adhesion Primer Special, flat primer for all sorts of substrates, aheres very well to zinc, aluminium, various
  • "2-Kompo": for all metals, primer/topcoat, universal recoatable, rapid curing (20° C), semi-gloss
  • Robust-Lack: glossy finish, flexible, fast drying, preferably brush or spray application
  • Nitrofest: Flat, easy to sand, dries very rapidly, for steel and also manually prepared

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